We want community liaisons to get paid

Community Liaisons Invoicing App for Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

The Community Liaisons are a team of professionals located throughout Seattle who serve as resources and liaisons for community members. They assist City departments in their outreach and engagement needs ensuring that the City provides information to all community members, forges connections, fosters relationships, and receives rich, diverse, and meaningful civic participation. They required an easy way to submit invoices and get paid.

This was the first app built by city employees using Microsoft Dynamics.


The original format for submitting invoices was through an Excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets which was difficult for contractors and staff. The Department of Neighborhoods wanted a new system that allowed easy submission and processing of invoices and be accessible by multiple devices.

Old Excel invoicing form

My role was to gather requirements from the business and translate them into a format that makes sense for IT.

MVP core functionality Sample user story

Likewise, I communicated complex technical information to the business in a user-friendly, non-scary/boring way.

User flow


I worked closely with the program coordinator and our developer to refine the application by designing and building interactive wireframes and user interface components.

I also conducted user testing and training with the subject matter experts and created materials for and facilitated inital training with the contractors.

Community Liaisions Team

Design Solution

UW Capstone Team UW Capstone Team UW Capstone Team


“I worked with Amie on a project to create a web portal to allow Community Liaisons to submit invoices to the Department of Neighborhoods. I am continually impressed with Amie’s ability to quickly identify the requirements for a system based on conversations with users and very minimal documentation on the business processes we’re supporting. She is able to take information from disparate sources and put it all together to design a system that meets the stated needs of the customers, as well as adds functionality to support needs the customer didn’t even know they had. Amie has an impressive ability to think “big picture” and to see commonalities among disparate systems and tie them all together into a cohesive plan. Amie is also passionate about user experience and clearly understands that a successful project must not only meet the requested needs, but also be easy (and pleasant) for customers to learn and use. Her design skills were invaluable to me in meeting that goal.”

- Diane Yocom, Application Developer, Community Services, Seattle IT
POEL on multiple devices Web app on mobile