We want community members to share why they are marching

Pussyhat Community Photo Booth [Personal Project]

In honor of the Women's March on Washington D.C. and as part of the Pussyhat Project, I made over 100 hats. 40+ knitted, 70+ sewed. Most of them were sent to marchers in D.C. and the rest were distributed at the Womxn's March in Seattle.

The Pussyhat Community Photo Booth was a pop-up art project that gave people the opportunity to express what they cared about and why they are marching.

Buttons by Mari Ichimasu | Photos by Olli Tumelius

Amie, Olli, Mari Pussyhat Poster Pussyhat Photobooth
Pussyhat Photo: Love, dignity, having a voice
Pussyhat Photo: Gay marriage, family, health access
Pussyhat Photo: Intersectional femism, racial capitalism
Pussyhat Photo: Rape assualt, silence
Pussyhat Photo: Healthcare, reproductive rights
Pussyhat Photo: Gay rights
Pussyhat Photo: Teen suicide
Pussyhat Photo: Love
Pussyhat Photo: Radical love, equity
Pussyhat Photo: Black lives matter
Pussyhat Photo: I support Planned Parenthood
Pussyhat Buttons